This is the latest of the series Love at the Seaside, painted for Knights Gallery in Paignton, it’s a little different to usual as instead of using watercolour on paper I painted acrylic onto canvas. It gives it more of a solid feel and is quite fun as the colours seem to consist of the simple primary colours. It was really popular because people loved all the tiny bits of detail to spot and the original has now sold, I think canvases seem quite popular as they need no framing and the painting wraps around the edges. I am working on another one of Paignton to go with it using the same style and pier theme. A lot of fun, will post when the next one is finished.


This is Dahlia Explosion! And looking for a home! This was great to paint being so big at a metre square, it felt really expressive to do and absorbed a lot of hours perfecting it! It’s different again from the Poppy and verges on the abstract almost, it seems to be more appealing to men I think because of it’s style and quirkyness – you can’t immediately tell that it is a floral piece. That’s what I noticed whilst displaying it over the weekend anyway!

Flower Power


So this is the first in my latest series of floral canvas work. The original is actually a metre square! I absolutely loved painting this, trying to put power and structure into it. Camelot pictures want to take this image on and make prints from it, so I can’t wait to see how these turn out. Next to come is Daisies is cool calm blues and bright explosive dahlias… it’s all about colour at the moment!

So this was the result of Friday’s inspiration, it has been a lot of fun to paint, I especially loved painting the seagulls and as requested by the gallery have added another dog as a companion to the other one!!!! It doesn’t seem right that everyone else should be in pairs except him – so quite rightly he now has his pooch girlfriend too. Fisherman Pete features again and I couldn’t help but sneak in some mice and a couple of ginger cats…! Well it is St Ives!

Hope that you enjoy!

Well a very busy week but very productive! This week I have been very fortunate to get 4 more galleries to exhibit my work including one in the very inspiring St Ives. And so it is my mission today to try to complete another painting for this gorgeous little gallery just off Fish Street and overlooking the cobbled streets of St Ives.  It is just so wonderful for all it’s little quirky buildings and incredible light, I have thoraghly enjoyed creating one piece already for this gallery (below) and am looking to do something a little different for the next one. I will try and make my romantic couple more prominant in the fore ground perhaps overlooking the busy harbour and watching the world go by. Watch this space…..!

I am so excited! Today I am going to start a new painting on canvas for an exhibition this saturday. The ideas are brimming in my head and I can’t wait to see how my usual watercolour series turns out in acrylic on canvas. The framers have just phoned me and gave the go ahead that they have the right size frame in so it’s all go from here! Will keep posted the progress!

Today I am in Tavistock Pannier Market, it has been a wonderful day talking to lots of interesting people and selling my artwork. There is so much inspiration to be gained through talking and sharing ideas and thoughts. I spoke to a really fascinating man who seemed to have an incredible aura of knowledge and wisdom and it felt like a privalege to talk to him. He was saying how amazing it is that all these thoughts and pieces of art are there in our head and come out in this magical way through our finger tips. Art is an exploration of ones self and I think a lot of that can be lost through the making of money, but then again when someone buys your work it is the most wonderful feeling and honour in the world.

I am very excited to announce that the whole Star Sign series can now be viewed on my website

We had a fantastic reaction to the series this weekend at the Psychic Festival in Torquay and may even create a Tarot deck!

All the descriptions of each sign are based on research that I have undertaken over the past few weeks and has finally all come together. We met some great people over the weekend and will defiantely be exhibiting at more fairs again soon!

Please do take a look and feel free to leave a comment!


Leo, 23rd July – 22nd August, part of the series by Laura Wall

Leo, 23rd July – 22nd August, part of the series by Laura Wall

Last Monday, Tavistock Group of Artists had Rita Smith join us to give a lecture about painting in Antarctica. I have to say it was truely facinating! I couldn’t believe what wonderful opportunities are out there. Rita was asked to be the onboard artist of a cruise ship which went to Antartica. She taught students every day but the amazing part was the series of magnificent watercolours she created on her return. I never realised the amount of depth and colour snow could have!!!

You can see her artwork on the site Drawn to the Valley or here

Amazing and inspiring stuff. There’s a world out there!

Star signs


This week I am trying to finish my star sign series ready for a Psychic Craft fair next week! This one is Gemini and tries to take a new approach to star sign paintings. I have used elements of the tarot deck that I feel fit with the sign, for example the branch represents ‘wands’ creativity and new growth. The ship is a desire to travel, the sea is the deep emotions of Gemini and the swallow is desire to be free and yet a love of home. The two colours represent the changing emotions of this mutable sign which bridges spring into summer and therefore makes this sign ever changing and not fixed.

I have done 9 out of 12 so far! Not long to go and I can get them to the printers!

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