Life drawing with Tavistock Group of Artists


Last night I attended the TGA – Tavistock Group of Artists Life Class. I felt very excited when I saw our model Cyndi who was a wonderful model. She sat perfectly still for what seemed like hours, not moving an inch. When asked if she wanted a break she said she was happy to keep going for longer! I enjoyed capturing the life and vitality that she seemed to generate around her, even though this was a still position. I tried to create this using a dip pen on a watercolour pad. I allowed the dip pen to splurge where it desired and then went over some areas with a fine liner. I then left this to dry and drew some other compositions using pencil as a reference for me so I could do similar styles once I got home.Once it had dried I got the dip pen (and after practising on some other paper!) I flicked the drawing with the dip pen trying to aim for the area surrounding the body. This instantly gave the picture more life and then once this dried I washed over it with some vibrant water colours trying to be true to her skin tone and contrasting this to a beautiful purple.I am looking forward to taking the other sketches and experimenting with those too!


3 Responses to “Life drawing with Tavistock Group of Artists”

  1. These are fantastic, I really like the colours in the final picture. How long did it take to finish?

  2. I added the colours when I got home from the class, it probably took about half an hour or so. Was a lot of fun!

  3. 3 cyndi abdi

    Hey Laura,
    What a lovely surprise. Thank you very much…
    I will print this page for my college journal – work based learning. Cyndi.

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