The Lodger


I am very excited about this portrait. You can see how it has develpoed by comparing the two images left and right. There is still more to go but I do feel now that I have captured Dave’s face a lot better. This has taken hours upon hours to achieve-  I would definately say my longest portrait yet. As you can see I started by priming it red and this shines right through the oil paint giving it a warm glow. I still need to complete the background, but as of yet I am unsure what that may be! I also will be fine tuning the right of his torso and ajusting the skin tone to a more fleshy pink. Hopefully a few more sittings and we will be there!


Last night I attended the TGA – Tavistock Group of Artists Life Class. I felt very excited when I saw our model Cyndi who was a wonderful model. She sat perfectly still for what seemed like hours, not moving an inch. When asked if she wanted a break she said she was happy to keep going for longer! I enjoyed capturing the life and vitality that she seemed to generate around her, even though this was a still position. I tried to create this using a dip pen on a watercolour pad. I allowed the dip pen to splurge where it desired and then went over some areas with a fine liner. I then left this to dry and drew some other compositions using pencil as a reference for me so I could do similar styles once I got home.Once it had dried I got the dip pen (and after practising on some other paper!) I flicked the drawing with the dip pen trying to aim for the area surrounding the body. This instantly gave the picture more life and then once this dried I washed over it with some vibrant water colours trying to be true to her skin tone and contrasting this to a beautiful purple.I am looking forward to taking the other sketches and experimenting with those too!

This is the start of my next portrait, I primed it blue as I wanted to give it a very innocent look. Also as this is a mother child portrait blue is the colour of Mary. If this colour shines through from under the paint then this hopefully with have the connotation of athereal beauty/ sacred love/ mother’s love.Lil is a spiritual person and I think it is important to do justice to her even through subtle ways such as the blue prime. Also her eyes are softer than the previous portraits and pride just oozed out of her. I hope to try and capture this.

This is the start of a series of illustrations that I am doing for seaside galleries. This first series is based on Budleigh beach in Devon near Exmouth. It is pen and ink on oil paper with a tea bag used after to give it that sepia look. I discovered this method when talking to artists on some forums and the results speak for themselves. I’m really pleased with the effects of this.