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Flower Power


So this is the first in my latest series of floral canvas work. The original is actually a metre square! I absolutely loved painting this, trying to put power and structure into it. Camelot pictures want to take this image on and make prints from it, so I can’t wait to see how these turn […]

The Lodger


I am very excited about this portrait. You can see how it has develpoed by comparing the two images left and right. There is still more to go but I do feel now that I have captured Dave’s face a lot better. This has taken hours upon hours to achieve-  I would definately say my […]

This is the start of my next portrait, I primed it blue as I wanted to give it a very innocent look. Also as this is a mother child portrait blue is the colour of Mary. If this colour shines through from under the paint then this hopefully with have the connotation of athereal beauty/ […]